PoxyCote 4CS for Fibreglass Pools


Fibreglass Shells are considered non-porous and as such do not require a Primer. PoxyCote 4CS Topcoat for Fibreglass Pools is specially formulated to bond directly with fibreglass without the risk of delamination or blistering.

Once cured, PoxyCote 4CS forms an extremely durable and chemical resistant coating with a typical lifespan of 5 to 10 years. It cures to a smooth ceramic-like texture and is therefore highly resistant to algae and stains.

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PoxyCote’s Epoxy Pool Coating System 4CS is a uniquely formulated swimming pool epoxy coating that consists of a 4-coat system (4CS) that was designed specifically for durability in all swimming pool environments including marbelite, cement or fiberglass finishes.

The epoxy pool coating is a resin-based two component system with a timed chemical reaction when mixed to form an extremely durable and chemical resistant coating that cures to a smooth ceramic like texture and therefore repels algae growth and is highly resistant to staining.

The 4-layer epoxy pool coating system consists of two primer coats and two top coats, each applied as a separate layer. Importantly the primer coats are water reducible (water based) allowing the primer coats to penetrate, harden and anchor to any concrete or marbelite surface even in slightly damp conditions. This approach eliminates the possibility of “reverse osmoses” or water accumulating between the layers of coating, forming blisters, and eventual peeling.

PoxyCote 4CS is manufactured from the highest grade industrial resins and hardeners with minimal additives and thinners to prevent “chalking” therefore increasing durability and lifespan.

The PoxyCote 4CS is fully guaranteed and has a lifespan of 5 to 10 years.

PoxyCote is primarily focused on comprehensive customer assistance from start to finish with special emphasis on DIY pool owners or their approved contractors.

Weights and Dimensions

Topcoat Set consisiting of: Primer Set consisting of:
1L - 150mm dia x 100mm height (1.3 kg) 1L – 150mm dia x 100mm height (1.3 kg)
3L – 175mm dia x 240mm height (5.0 kg) 3L – 175mm dia x 240mm height (4.0 kg)

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Kit F1 – 0 to 10m², Kit F2 – 11 to 20m², Kit F3 – 21 to 30m², Kit F4 – 31 to 40m², Kit F5 – 41 to 50m², Kit F6 – 51 to 60m², Kit F7 – 61 to 70m², Kit F8 – 71 to 80m², Kit F9 – 81 to 90m², Kit F10 – 91 to 100m², Kit F11 – 101 to 110m², Kit F12 – 111 to 120m², Kit F13 – 121 to 130m², Kit F14 – 131 to 140m², Kit F15 – 141 to 150m², Kit F16 – 151 to 160m², Kit F17 – 161 to 170m², Kit F18 – 171 to 180m², Kit F19 – 181 to 190m², Kit F20 – 191 to 200m², Kit F21 – 201 to 210m², Kit F22 – 211 to 220m², Kit F23 – 221 to 230m², Kit F24 – 231 to 240m², Kit F25 – 241 to 250m², Kit F26 – 251 to 260m²